13636 – Whoops, Timeout for Art – Simply Drawing


I loved this post from Zebra Designs & Destinations, and think we could all do these little exercises. It feels so good when you complete a little sketch, it doesn’t matter how good or bad it is. The more you do, the better you get!

Zeebra Designs & Destinations


If many of you are suffering from cabin fever in below-freezing weather, why not pass some of your time with pencil and paper? Drawing can be very relaxing, if you can endure the first five or ten minutes of frustrations and keep working, you might be very pleased with your results.

Go ahead; pick one up and have fun! Go ahead; pick one up and have fun!

While staying at my friends’ home, I gave a drawing lesson, and after a few warm-up exercises, we drew sea shells. I worked earlier in the day on a study to lllustrate the stages of the drawing. Sometimes a simple line drawing needs few details after the dark background is added.

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