Rain Rain Go Away……

The rain has started  12/14

The rain has started 12/14

All our animals want to go out to play!

Just about the time we think the rain is over, and the animals can get back to running in the yard,  bam…here comes another shower.  Not only do our animals not want to get wet, I don’t want to have to give everyone a bath because they have created a mud puddle that only  a five-year old would dream of…..




It looks like it’s drying up……..but it’s only a sucker hole!

Right side of yard

Right side of yard

The sun is just starting to peek its lazy head over the top of the clouds…  It wouldn’t hurt to dry up a little before getting more rain.


My husband tells me that the rain is over!    We’ll see…

This is the last weekend before Christmas, and right in the middle of Chanukah, so any time the rain stops is good for me.  We all need to get things done,  please Old Man Weather, can you give us rain next week after Christmas?

The winds are picking up again, which to me this means we are in for another bout of rain.  My wind chimes are going off like one of the big cathedrals in Europe during a celebration.  I love the sound,  and hope my neighbors are equally engaged in our chimes.

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