Thursdays Time Out For Art…

Copper on a 6"X6" canvas

Copper on a 6″X6″ canvas

For a long while I was into aging everything in sight.  I love the look of Copper once it has turned to green, and everything I could get my hands on seemed to have a green patina.

Copper & foil on a 6'X6" canvas

Copper & foil on a 6’X6″ canvas

This little painting I gave to my daughter-in-law for Christmas a couple of years ago.  She spends some of her time Running, working out, and practicing Yoga.   The symbol is copper, that I worked so hard to get just the right patina on.  The figure was foil which I painted.  This was truly art from the heart.

Painted Foil & Netting on a 6"X6" Canvas

Painted Foil & Netting on a 6″X6″ Canvas

This little piece I created along with three or four others with the same tribal motif for my daughter, and her husband for the same Christmas.

That Christmas was a Christmas of art!  I don’t usually give away my art,  because the family & friends that may be recipients often have different ideas about their kind of  art, and then feel obligated to hang my pieces somewhere in their homes.  They don’t want to hurt my feelings, I don’t want my feelings to be hurt,  and  if your family can’t support you, who can……

My art sisters however, all love art for the sake of the creative process, and I can count on them to love whatever I create, and share!  Each year at Christmas the five of us draw names, and create something special for whoever’s name I have drawn.  Each month we always have a wonderful Diva day together, but Christmas is particularly special because each of us gets to take home a gift of true love for one another, and the creative process!

I feel truly blessed to have my art sisters, and my art friends.  Their creative energy is amazing!

My creative process has been inspired lately in part by Zebra Designs & Destinations.  I hope you will check out a different kind of art from Zebra, and maybe you to will be inspired.

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  1. hi from the riverhouse/casa loca! your post came through, and all of the images loaded! yippee! the art is unique and lovely; i would think that anyone would love having those pieces.

    i worked until half an hour ago, and it’s really too late to walk to town to upload images.. it takes an hour to get to town, and the sun sets year round around 6:30… i will try to upload from the house later but suspect that my timeout will find its way to WP a day late.

    happy holidays, amiga!



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