Dusty’s Back!

Dust Bunny (Dusty)

Dust Bunny (Dusty)

Since the weather has been cooling off, and just before we are all gearing up for Thanksgiving, I thought we should visit Dusty. These two  pictures  are rare.  Bunnies never slow down long enough to get a good picture of them.

My daughter, and I have been trying to figure out what to get Sage, my granddaughter for Christmas. You would think it would be easy with all the girley stuff, be not this year!
After I received the emails with the pictures,  we were discussing how cute they were, and my daughter  came up with the idea to haveone of these pictures made into a puzzle. Sage will love that since, Dusty is her bunny.

So I ask my readers which picture do you think is better for a puzzle?  Top Picture, or bottom?

Dust Bunny (Dusty

Dust Bunny (Dusty

Dusty is growing big and strong, but out where he lives, it gets a little too cold to spend day, and night outside, so he gets to come in the house with Bubbles.  I’m sure only in California do we bring our animals into our homes to give them shelter, but yep they do come in during bad weather!  And they both use the litter box diligently.  Neither of them have ever had any accidents.

Dusty spends his days hippity hopping around his large green yard, chasing Bubbles now and then, and on a good day is allowed in the house at night.  All is well in the bunny world, and they are both growing, and growing getting bigger, and bigger.  Soon they will be the size of Harvey the Rabbit from the 1950’s movie “Harvey,” with James Stewart.

Thank you for taking time to hop by and see whats going on with Dusty, see you next time……

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    • I agree, but Dusty and his family live out in an area that is actually desert. It gets really hot in summer, and really cold in winter. Sometimes it is just not bunny friendly, or maybe we are too protective here in So. Calif. My daughter did decide on the top picture, and we are excited to see Sage’s reaction when she sees Dusty in puzzle form. She loves puzzles!

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