More Adventures About Dusty and Bubbles…


Bubbles is growing…..and growing fast.  She is a Giant Flemish Rabbit, and she is taking that title seriously!

Bubbles ex[loring her options.

Bubbles exploring her options.

I’m told by her humans that she is exceeding Dusty’s growth rate.  Dusty, and Bubbles haven’t officially met as yet.  Bubbles has her place in the house at night, and Dusty has a new, larger and even better place to live outside under the club house.

Dusty loves his new home, it gives him  a lot of extra room without having to be in a cage.  Dusty’s old cage is now Bubbles new home while outside, but since she is young, and it’s  really hot where they live, she only gets to go outside when it cools down.

It turns out that giving Flemish Rabbits too many of the foods that Bugs eats, like carrots,  and such, will stunt their  growth.  So for now, Bubbles’  humans will only feed her rabbit food.  But she can dream can’t she?  I swear that bunny can smell food right through the door!  Let  me asssure you, both Dusty, and Bubbles are getting plenty of love and attention.

Bubbles looking for food in all the wrong places!

Bubbles looking for food in all the wrong places!

Dusty is getting to be a bit of a handful since he’s gotten older.  Personally I think it because of all the bunny testosterone.  But that’s just my opinion.  He is still lovable, and so funny to watch.  He still loves to chase the kids around the yard, and act just exactly like a dog!  Maybe he thinks he is a dog.

Bubbles on the other hand, is a little, or not so little, love bug.  She is so soft, and personable I can’t believe, how anything could be that soft is beyond me.  I’ve really never been a bunny person, but    we did have a bunny when my daughter was little, and we lovingly called him “Stew Bunny!”  We never intended to eat him, it was just a cute name, however just so you don’t have to ask,  we don’t eat our friends.   Never have, and never will!


I want you to know that there will be more in the lives of Dusty, and Bubbles, and we thank you for reading our blog.

Dusty patiently waiting to officially meet Bubbles!

Dusty patiently waiting to officially meet Bubbles!

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