Thursdays Time out for Art


If you hadn’t realized before, I love color!!!  The more the better, and I often get into trouble because I’m unable to edit, and soften my color choices.  I’ve been doing little sketches, and journaling like this for quite a while, but it wasn’t until I found Zebra Designs & Destinations that I realized, if Z can do it, I can do it!!!


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  1. a restart.. a tall glass of cafe con leche, a walk through the house to ‘shut down,’ and i returned to a properly-working connection, though it is still slow – the image came throught and WOW WOW WOW AND WOW AGAIN.. I LOVE IT!

    what a great gift to receive before going to sleep! i am so impressed and honored and proud!

    happy fourth!



  2. ljhey! i’m getting quite addicted to your smile-producing comments! it’s taken forever to load this page, and now it’s here but without the image. i am typing into a tiny little comment box an dcannot see my words, so hopefully this isn’t garbled. will check back later to see the colorful image!



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