Thursdays Time out for Art

Retirees Paintbrushes

Retirees Paintbrushes

As I retire my old paint brushes they need a voice.  They have served me well, and each one is different in its own way.  These fancy ladies were created for  my Artsie Fartsie friend Susan for a Christmas present, and they are displayed in her dining room on a shelf.  Maybe they will inspire you to do something similar, giving your old worn out brushes a voice as well.

Thursdays Time out for Art is an online blogging group to keep us painting, creating, and sharing.  It does all those things for me, check them out!IMG_2235

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    • Wow, surly I would. I’m so glad you loved them, that have a place in my heart, & people think I’m crazy for wanting each and every brush that are being tossed. Never toss anything! I now have a big drawer full of “stiff” old brushes.


  2. Thanks for sharing this idea that honors your trusty old friends. I know I hold on to some tools way past their prime because I feel they served me well and cost me a pretty penny when I didn’t really have it spend. I have started having my picture taken with some of them before they ceremoniously “transition” in the name of reducing clutter. Other than this, I am a pretty normal person!


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