My Mama Lama!

My Lama Mama

My Lama Mama

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For the past few weeks I’ve been working on a paper painting.  It isn’t something I want to do for the rest of my life, but I did have fun doing it!  On course, as always, it’s a never-ending project.  The more paper you glue to the surface, the more it needs….Until the piece is out of control!

Well who says it’s out of control anyway?

If I play like I’m three, there isn’t anything out of control about it!  But if I think like an adult, well has too much paper, to many colors, and it’s way to busy.  I’m here to tell you, it is way more fun if you think and play like a three year old!  Paint with wild abandon, play the same way, do what is fun, and don’t look back!  As my friend Maxine says, “Don’t worry about It!

All five of the Fab Five did a different paper painting, and although I haven’t seen them yet, I can bet they are all so different you would wonder if we even knew each other!  Believe me, when I see them, you’ll see them too.  Stay tuned…..

Another Subject Altogether!

Since creating My Mama Lama, and another project that I’m not ready to reveal as yet, I’m not quite ready to go diving into another project.  Have you ever been that way?  Call it exhausted, pooped, bottled up, or whatever.  I can’t quite get inspired to start another painting, or even jump in and finish one of the zillions I have stacked in the back closet.

Today however, I dropped by the Art Beat on Main Street in Vista, while a painting class was in scission, and started a discussion on how to get that Old Muse back on the horse once again.  Here are some of the suggestions, visit a museum, sketch off the TV, go on an art date with yourself. I say when I’m like this, paint rocks,….yes, somehow painting faces on rocks gets me going again!   Now all of these things are really simple, and we all know what to do to get the creative energy flowing again, but do we do it?  Mostly the answer is NO!  I know I sit and think. “how do I get started again, or “I don’t even know what to do if I felt like doing something…which I don’t!”   Talk about negative energy, and I usually don’t have that problem.

My point is, we all hit the wall from time to time, and when we are down, someone else is up, or when we are up, our friend is in doubt.  It’s important to support one another in a positive way.  Maybe the reason we are bottled up is not so much there isn’t anything there to pull from, but rather all that creative energy is inside, just curing like a fine wine, waiting to mature.

Meanwhile, while all this curing is going on, since I’ve already matured, I think I’ll have a glass of wine!

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