They are all crazy!


My closest friend is crazy! Actually, I have several close friends, & they are all crazy! Some of them don't live near me, but they are all still crazy!

I've always said, "I wouldn't want to be normal!" But what actually is normal? When I look around, I see people that are diverse both in the way they dress, the way the eat, the cars they drive, & how they chose to act! Sometimes I think to myself, "They are Crazy!"

Is the Crazy of Today, The New Normal?

Could it be that all the crazies that are all around us are actually the new normal? If someone isn't crazy, then what are they? Boarding, dead, blank, empty?

What about the people we think, & know are really crazy? They give the rest of us a crazy bad rap. What do we call them? Insane, off the scale, totally out of touch? I'm sure there is a better term than crazy, since the rest of us have taken over that description!

If your Passionate, then what?

It seems that everyone with a passion is considered a bit crazy. Take musicians for instance, they are definitely crazy! How about writers? They would have to be crazy to come up with all the interesting stories they create! And, need I speak of artists, I know first hand how crazy we are!

What I know for sure is this, all my friends are just as crazy as I am! They are all different, one might say they are all a different kind of crazy, & that's what I love about them! They are crazy creative, crazy, crazy, crazy wonderfully creative, & that's a good thing!

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