Spending time with inspiring people!


Everyone's inspiration comes from different places! Mine comes from several different places! I have things that I really love to do, such as paint, prepare foods, & the environment! I am so passionate about all those things that with my family thrown in, I find myself extremely busy!

My family is important to me also, but they are around me all the time, and you might say I have an infusion of all those things I love with my family which I also love.

When I talk about my art, I also speak about how I get my inspiration.

This is how I get most of my inspiration…..

There are always galleries, & receptions with new art, but most of my inspiration comes from my friends who are artists! You've heard me talk about the "Fabulous Five," well the other four ladies fill me full of creative ideas, not directly, but indirectly. Every time we get together, I return home with so much energy I can't stand myself! Often I walk into my studio, & ideas just start to flow.

I'm pretty into the environment also, & how to keep it clean. It saddens me to see people simply not care. I wonder what their homes look like if they don't care about the air we breathe, or the way we leave an area we have just visited!

And the food we eat….

Most of my close friends know that I work very hard at staying healthy, eating healthy, and sometimes they are even ginny pigs for my "Healthy Creations!" They are very gracious about indulging me, & have eaten all of my freshly created raw organic foods. Were they bad, I didn't think so, & I hope if they didn't care for them, they'd say do. Of course, should they say so, maybe it should be later, much later. After all. I've spent lots of time in the kitchen trying out something new!

All in all, my inspirations comes from sharing, caring, & loving what I do, & the people I do it for!

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