Moved to tears


I have always loved Gypsie Music! For me, it is so romantic, energetic, & mysterious. I love it when it originates from Spain, & there it's called Famenco. By the time it got to Mexico, well I'm not really sure what they call it in Mexico.. I do know that it's not just the regular music but a blend of magic.

Several years ago when my boys were about junior high age, they received a classical guitar. Both of them were in love with the sound it made, & probably the feel of it as well. Both saved their money, & bought electric guitars. One of them decided to go to the Music Institute in Los Angeles, & now makes his living playing Flaminco guitar.

When I hear him play it brings me to tears it's so beautiful. There isn't anything like it, & all I can think of is how blessed I am to have a son who loves what he does so much that his love of music, & love for his guitar make this magic that transcends all barriers, & makes people so happy!

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