Banning words from use…..


I have to admit, there are a couple of words, or even phrases that make me cringe when I hear them. Since I'm only picking a word, just one word….

Two come to mind!

So here goes. The word "If" really sets me off! Here is why….

If only I were younger…

If only I had more money…

If I had a bigger house…

If I could travel…

If only I had more time…

You get the picture! If we really wanted to do it, we'd stop giving excuses, & get to work!

I have always thought that one word, that little, short, seemingly innocent word, "if" was over used.

I try never to use that word. Ops! I just used the other word that drives me crazy…try! But were not talking about trying, were talking about iffing!

I say, " Start looking forward, be positive, act positive, look positive, & soon you will find a way to either be happy, or find a way to do all the things "if" kept you from doing!

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