An untold secret!


We all have secrets! They may be things we don't want anyone to know about, or just things that have long been forgotten, & we just don't think they are anything important. Still they are untold, & in the past!

My dear husband, Les rolls his eyes when I get on a rant about environmental issues, or health issues. I can feel it coming, & yet he is my husband, what is he going to do, right? After all I listen to pointless dribble about football, golfing, & things that won't even make a difference. So I expect him to sit patiently, quietly, & agree with me whole heartedly! I don't need no stinkin' guff!

The other day I was going on, & on about how important I thought it was to harness solar, & wind power. How much we could save, not just money, but our environment as well.

Here it comes—–the rolling of the eyes!

We were driving in he car, & I felt it. The big rolling of eyes! I was telling him how in the 1980's I had solar hot water on our home, & we were able to save $200.00 right off the bat! I thought this was a great thing because we had a huge, all electric home at the time, & the electric bill was through the roof.

He then wanted to know how I got on his line of information, when he only asked me a simple question not having to do with solar energy, conservation, or anything else I had accidentally used my soapbox for?

My answer was this….

Something you may not know about me is this… I have always been environmentally conscious, & wanting to contribute as much to keeping our planet healthy as possible. This includes, but is in no way limited to building a home out of tires that is totally sustainable, & off the grid! This encompasses a whole lot of issues, & I'm happy to share if you ask, even sometimes if you don't ask!

As hard as I've tried, I can't shake some part of what I call the "Hippy Syndrome!" In those days, Hippies were all about living efficiently, with peace, & love. I love the idea of composting, growing my own (with help) organic vegetables, designing, & sewing my own clothes, & the list goes on, & on. Oh sure, Sex, Drugs, & Rock 'en Roll were part of it too, but this isn't about that part. That's an entirely different post!

So now you know that from the beginning of my existence, I've been a rebel, an artist, an environmentalist, & usually in the forefront of currant thinking! This is my untold secret!

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