Singin’ in the rain


My "Perfect" rainy day would be a day I wake up hearing the soft rain outside my window. As I pitter pat to the patio door, I can smell the clean, cleansing drops as they fall gently over the lawn, & trees. Looking up I see a fog, & clouds covering the mountains in the distance, begging me to calmly sit and watch the magic unfold before my eyes.

With deep gratitude, & a freshly brewed cup of tea, I curl up on the lounge on the patio just watching the mist, listening to the birds chirp, & feeling blessed that I am even a small part of this beauty.

One by one, as the clouds lift, I see in the distance waterfalls appearing here, & there on the mountains. Seventeen in all! The beauty before me is breath taking, & I have to pinch myself to make sure this isn't a dream. It is not!

I could spend hours here replenishing my spirit, & soul! Breakfast will definitely be on the patio this morning. A bagel, cream cheese, fruit, & more tea!

Should I put music on? No, I don't think so, this magical moment is all the music my soul needs, or wants!

There isn't a painting, or a photo that would be able in any way to do this moment justice. I remember it so well, as I recall our first time on the Island of Kauai. A more beautiful place I've never found! Inspiration is everywhere.

The energy from Kauai can not be compared to any other island, & in my dreams I return often.

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