What do I think of normal?


Being normal is highly overrated!

Did you ever hear your parents say, "Why can't you be "normal" like Janet is?" (Janet was the daughter of one of my mothers long time friends, & she was spoiled rotten. ). All the time you were thinking, what a dull, unsocial, selfish, brat Janet really is! They only saw the outside, never how she played, or interacted with her friends when adults weren't around.

I'm sure this scenario isn't unusual, we've all had experiences like this at one time in our lives. All through our lives we see people in business, & at social events that seemed to be perfectly dressed, perfect manners, yet they had a personality of a rock, or the minute they opened their mouth, not one thing popped out that was remotely relevant, & they didn't play well with others. They didn't seem to fit into any group, yet on the surface they were perfectly normal.

Normal is highly over rated!

How about you, has anyone except myself thought normal was over rated? If there was any one thing I would not want to be, it would be normal! I want to have my own style, be my own person, & create my own "normal!"

We each have our own personalities, our own heritage, & our own likes, & dislikes. Why on earth would anyone want to be just like someone else?

Wouldn't that be dull, & boring?………and normal!

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