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When I awakened on this fabulous Monday, & Memorial Day what was first so evident was the lack of noise pollution. From where our home is the traffic noise from the main street, 6-8 blocks away is usually very noticeable early in the morning, & around 2:30 am. We live up a hill, & the bedroom window is most always open even a little. Noise just seems to find us, & reminds us that we think we're in the "burbs" but really it's now the city!

With the house ever so quiet, I went into my kitchen to make some Yurba Matte tea, sat down with my cup to quietly enter my day. As I sat peacefully, & quietly in meditation, i became aware of the beautiful soft sound coming from my garden were the wind chimes. The wooden chimes were gently making this glorious soft noise that transported me to a special place on the island of Kauai that my son introduced us too many years ago. Immediately I was filled with gratitude, & love for who I am, & the people that have so much importance in my life. Each day is a gift, & my garden, the gentle breeze, the chimes, living here on the coast in Southern California, all remind me!

Hearing, seeing, smelling, experiencing, is a gift! Live life as if each day were my last, & have no regrets. This is my motto!

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