Finding unexpected treasures!


Some of my fondest memories are of road trips I have taken over the years. My parents always took us on a camping road trip when we were small. First it was a tent, then a little Shasta trailer, & once in a while Dad would rent a cabin. I remember the cabin being very rustic, & barely a step up from a tent, but we always had fun, & it was always an adventure!

The trips would sometimes last three weeks, all the while, driving through small towns across the country, checking out summer concerts in the park, county fairs, & flee markets. Mother loved to poke around at swap meets, flee markets, thrift shops, & barns full of goodies somewhere in the back woods! That's probably where I got my love of finding treasures in the most unlikely places!

I remember one time when I first got married, we found a fabulous oval drop leaf oak pedestal farm table, that was to die for! I found a way to buy it, & Mom, & I dragged it home. I loved that table so much, but I needed chairs to go with it. One day Mom showed up at my door with four bent wood chairs in perfect condition. She had found them by the side of the road just before trash day, & promptly loaded them into the back of her car! I was ecstatic! I really wanted bent wood chairs, & this was my lucky day!

One day several years ago, as I was driving past an outdoor flee market, something caught my eye. I couldn't tell you what it was, but I can tell you it was calling to me, & I had to stop! After parking my car, I poked around until I found the right vendor, & started looking for a shiny something that might be the object calling my name. Finally I spotted something I never thought I'd see again, in the middle of a basket among several other treasures. Milky in color, & glistening as bright as sun off the sky blue water was a glass egg!

I couldn't believe my eyes, & I had to have it!

When I was about four years old my grandparents moved into a new home in an area that probably was still considered rural. They had a good sized piece of property, & in the back, after the huge yard, was a fence that devided the yard from a huge chicken coup, & a large vegetable garden. Being four, everything was new, exciting, & an adventure! My Grandma went with me to show me the chicken coups, & I walked around looking for chickens that didn't exist any longer.

What did I know, I was four! But there, in one of the laying boxes, was a shinny, milky white glass chicken egg! My eyes got big, & Grandma could see the excitement on my face. I had found an egg! Much later, they told me it was a plant so the hens would lay eggs, but at the time it was the treasure of all treasures to me!

You can imagine then how excited I was when I found a glass egg just like the one that I found as a child in Grandma, & Grandpa's chicken coup. To me, it was like they were with me once again, & all those wonderful memories came flooding back!

I couldn't have asked for a more wonderful surprise. To find a part of my childhood that was priceless, & full of loving memories.

That truly was my lucky day!

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