Dreaming of travels!


Now lets see, if I could go anywhere, where would I go?

I love to see new people, & places! I love learning about a new culture, & listening to their language. I'm fascinated with the colors, the homes, the cultures differences. I love it all!

There are many places I haven't seen, many places I really want to see, & very few I'm not interested in. Some of the places I want to visit, I never wanted to be bothered with before, but curiosity is a killer, & I'm a "goldilocks girl," I want it all!

Latin America seems to hold a spot in my heart for reasons yet unknown. After all my heritage is Scotch, Irish, English! But ever since childhood, I've wanted to visit South America, paddle down the Amazon River, & discover gold at the top of Angel Falls!

Does that sound like a dreamer to you? Or just a kid with an adventurous heart!

I must still be a kid at heart, because I still love adventure, whether it's in traveling, planting something extraordinary in my garden, learning a new way to prepare foods, or getting my hands into an art project! I'm off, & running with a new adventure.

Right now I'm hot on spending time in Barcelona, Spain. How fun would it be to walk the streets of a place as beautiful as Barcelona? Meet new people, try new foods, & of course —–go shopping!

Yep, I think that would be my next choice for an extended vacation, or maybe even a relocation. Just think of all the pictures I could post, or recipes, or the art that could be created with the influence of Spain!

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