Early bird or night owl?


One might say both!

Like most artists, I too have trouble sleeping. If I can get to sleep at all, it's for about two hours. Then my eyelids fly open like window shades from the 1950's! And… with a snap! Sometimes I won't even fall asleep at all! Lying awake for hours, tossing, & turning all night until three, or four in the morning, only getting a couple hours sleep. My eyes will again fly open like I'm late for a board meeting. Believe me, I'm not! This can go on for days, until out of sheer exhaustion, I finally sleep fairly well for a night, or two. Then the whole thing starts again!

"What could I possibly be thinking about," you say?

Art, how to create, what to create, composition, line, shapes, ideas. It goes on, & on getting crazier by the hour. When I do get up, I either don't remember what I was thinking, or it doesn't make any sense at all.

I'm not much good in the evening given the previous night, & since its dark outside, I'm ready to relax. Oh sure, there is the occasional burst of creativity, & energy at the same time in evenings, but few, & far between.

My creativity arrives early in the morning! Somewhere between getting up, & a cup of tea. If I can go into my studio first thing…

That's my lucky day! Sometimes painting well into the afternoon.

So you see why I can't decide exactly what I am? A night owl, or an early bird!

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