Funny, we were just talking about that!


Last night I was fortunate enough to have a "girls night out!" Oh, this wasn't the normal girls night. Not even close! (It never is.)

One of my "Art Sisters," & I decided to check out some art after dinner, we both got spiffed up, & off we went! (Spiffing takes more time these days!). On the way, while in the car, the discussion was about lifestyles, & how all of us have our differences, our particular religions, political beliefs, & ways of expressing ourselves!

For both of us, it doesn't matter what makes a person tick, what color they are, or even the huge differences in our beliefs. If we like them, or their art, it's all good!

It's the differences that make life fun! I've said it before, "wouldn't it be extremely boring if we were all alike?" Our conversations would be so dull, our art would all look alike, we would all dress alike, eat the same food, have spouses that looked alike, & worst of all, the kids would all have runny noses at the same time! Just shoot me now!

I love diversity! The different languages, the colors, the music, the art, beliefs, & lifestyles! I don't always understand someone's choices, but I certainly believe we should all be able to make them for ourselves, without anyone telling us we can't do this, or can't believe that way. One might say, we should all be allowed "Human Rights!"

With this in mind…..I buy art because it speaks to me, the same reason I create art…it speaks to me! It doesn't matter if the artist has a lifestyle, or belief I don't like, or understand.

I'm after art I love. Artists, & forward thinkers are like that. Yep, they are!

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