Change the way you think, & the way you think….


…will change your life!

Agree, or disagree, that is the question?

For many years my philosophy has been…..maintain inner peace, treat others like I want to be treated, keep a smile on my face, even if I don't feel very smiley, & always know I am blessed in many ways. I've learned that life has a way of making us stronger.

With that in mind, I truly believe each day is a gift! I've learned that everything happens in perfect time, & when one door closes a new door opens up.

Too zen for you? That's ok too!

I don't spend much, if any time around people who don't exube positive energy, & "always, always, my glass is half full!"

Maybe this way of living comes from living life, & realizing negativity is self defeating, with only unfavorable results.

Oh yes, I have learned the hard way. But, I've changed my eval ways, A hundred years ago. I've learned that rolling with the punches lengthens my life. I still take stands, & as my husband says, "Karen carries her soapbox everywhere she goes!" My beliefs are strong, I'll take a stand! I love life, love my friends, & love my family. I eat new foods, try new things, & love learning.

But, no matter what is happening in my life, The glass is always half full!

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