Second, third, or fourth time around?


Did you ever read a book that spoke to you, I mean really, really spoke to you? Well I have, & it was "Eat, Pray, Love!" I've read it several times, & then I had to see the movie. The movie, although never is as good as the book, also speaks to me. If I don't feel good, or it's a lazy or rainy day, it works every time!

I've spent hours over the years watching this movie again, & again. Each time, its the same thing. Its a fantasy, an adventure, a love story, & what woman wouldn't want to live that experience? It just makes me feel good. I can relate to the story, & would love to have been able to travel like that at times in my own life.


It wouldn't have been easy to travel with three little kids. Just think of all those whiney faces wanting to get off the mary-go-round, or to get off the plain, or they were tired, & didn't want any more Italian food. Or…..wanted pizza, & we were in Bali. It's hard to find yourself with all that baggage trailing behind.

There have been many books over the years that have spoken to me, but Eat, Pray Love is my feel good book of all time!

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