I simply can’t resist


Over the years my greatest weaknesses have changed. I won't go into what they have been at times, but if you look back on your life with that in mind, well….you get the idea.

Recently I learned about coconuts! It turns out that what I thought was a "great coconut" was only a so so coconut. This came about only by accident.

When I purchased the first four a couple months ago, the choice was; a brown coconut with we'll call it fur, or a golden colored one with fur. My determination was that the lighter colored coconut was better.

But then what I thought was the best of the best, still was only so so!

The final story…

A friend opened a coconut, & poured me some of the water to drink. I couldn't believe the "Heavenly taste!"

What kind of coconut was this? I had never tasted anything like this before. Not in my childhood, not lately, not in all my life! This was something entirely different, a very light almost white coconut, no fur, all wrapped in clear wrap, in the cold section with refrigerated produce. WOW! I love this water!

Now I have a complete, & utter obsession for coconut water, coconut meat, coconut oil, spread, butter, anything coconut that I can get my hands on! I've been using it to revitalize my hair, rub into my hands, & body after a shower, cook with it, spread it on toast, & anything else I can figure out to do with this glorious fruit!

And then…..

I started researching the benefits of coconut. Did you know they are antiviral, antibacterial, & have benefits that would take me all day to write about. They do, just google them, & take a peak!

And that is my story, you now know my weakness!

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