A life changing phone call!


As the phone rings, I wonder who this could be? It was late in the afternoon, & I was beat. I didn't really feel like talking, but I couldn't ignore it either! Especially after checking the caller ID!

"We'll hi, I've been thinking about you every day. How are you? I miss you!"

Nothing! No answer, no whispering, no noise of any kind from the other end! Not even static!

Suddenly, I got this chill going up my spine, I became weak in the knees, & had to sit down. It took me a minute to shake all this off, but when I did I could hardly believe my eyes! My heart started pounding out of my chest as I started pacing around the house! I hadn't the slightest clue as to what I should do with the realization of what I had just encountered.

My oldest son unexpectedly appeared at my door, & he couldn't have picked a better time to drop by! As I explained the events of the last few minutes to him, he also became excited, & slightly shocked.

It was the end of the second week in August! We recently had a memorial service for my mother who passed suddenly, but not unexpectedly. I was pretty tired from all the events that had led up to this afternoon, & understandably beaten down.

The phone call was from my mothers home! The home she had left eleven months earlier to live in a residence so she could get round the clock care. The same home that was locked up tight, & had not been occupied in almost a year! I kept the phone on because I thought Mom would feel like we threw her away if I turned it off, so everything was left just as it had been the day Mom moved out.

To think that a mere two weeks after her death, a call came through from her phone, when the house had been vacant, & her phone had not been used in the same amount of time, was chilling to say the least!

The shock of that day has worn off long ago, but I think about it frequently, & especially since Mothers Day is just around the corner.

Mom has been gone almost eight years now. I miss her each day, but as I remember the afternoon I received her call, it gives me comfort to think that she let me know she was safe, just like she said she would!

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