You should have known me when….


As a recovering perfectionist I really try to not let things bother me. Recovery is always difficult, & an ongoing project! Things like the towels hanging perfectly on the towel rack in the bathroom, or the bed being made each morning first thing are some of the few things that still hang on. And, I always pick up the house, straightening pillows, cleaning up the kitchen, & checking to make sure we're all locked in before I go to bed. Those things will most likely remain on my to do list until I drool a lot, or drop dead!

You should have seen me before…

These are not big things considering where it started! I always tell my husband that, "He should have known me when I was meticulous!" It's true, before the housekeeper came, the house was spotless! I cleaned after she left too! How many people do crazy things like that? Probably more than we think! Looking back, that was not even normal. There was more, enough to drive everyone crazy!

Why would you do anything like that?

Who knows why anyone is obsessed with things like that. Is it in the genes, is it the way someone is raised? Probably a little of both!

I remember when I was little washing my hands constantly. I also remember being very difficult to live with because everyone had to follow my rules!

Somehow I learned to relax a little, & slowly I became less hard on myself, & those around me. Most of the time I "button it," but every once in a while some little thing drives me absolutely crazy, & I can't keep quiet!

You should have known me when I wasn't so pulled together, & easy going! Then you would really appreciate haw special I really am.

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