With wild abandon, I choose these five foods!


After finding out I'm being exiled to a private island, my captors have told me I can only have five foods to sustain me. Well isn't that just great?

First I'm captured, then planted on a island only to find out i'll only have five foods to eat over & over. This is a pickle!

It certainly is a good thing I'm being given a fabulous mahogany shelter with palms as a ceiling, long gauze curtains over the windows to flutter in the warm breeze, & comfortable furniture, overstuffed pillows with bright tropical colors. It's fabulous to have this beautiful place to live even if it is on stilts over the sea.

It is difficult to tell if this exile is a bad thing, or a way for me to learn to slow down, get healthy, & paint!

The five foods I chose to live from are fish, coconuts, pineapples, spinach, & kale. What a sacrifice it is having to live this way! Eat healthy, while painting, & meditating.

Could life get any better than this? I don't think so…..

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