Harmless fiction?


Pointless justification! I don't think so…….

Isn't childhood short enough without "telling the truth" about the "Easter Bunny, Santa Clause, or the Tooth FAIRY? These are fantasies that help a child's imagination develop. Those stories are short lived these days, as is childhood!

My children have wonderful memories of sneaking down the hall at two in the morning to discover what Santa left them. (Most probably because we put them to bed to early in hopes of going to bed at a decent time ourselves!)

The Tooth Fairy left clever, & humorous notes under my granddaughter's pillow for years. She will never forget that, & has a gift of fantasy to pass along to her children!

The Easter Bunny, well where would we be without that glorious bunny hopping around hiding eggs, & bringing treats to all the children?

They can be religious holidays infused with magic, or they can be religious holidays without any fantasy, or they can be fantasies without any religion at all! It's all very personal, you decide!

It didn't hurt me, or many others like me to have a little fantasy in their childhood, I very much doubt if it will hurt the children of today!

And besides, I just saw something with a fluffy tail, big ears, & a bow around its neck hop by my living room window. I wonder who that could be?

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