Seven days, & $10,000 later…..


For starters, I was really looking forward to my "Art Date" with my girlfriends! With the weather getting a little warmer, & the opening of the Butterfly Exhibit at the San Diego Wild Animal Park, I was really looking forward to Tuesday.

On the other hand, having the next seven days to myself, & $10,000 I didn't know I was getting, well isn't this just "My Lucky Day." I can do so much with this money, take a trip, save it, split it up amongst my three kids. They all could use some extra money since they are all young, & have young families! But, somehow today I feel a little needy. My husband, & I haven't taken a vacation in a long time, I haven't gone on an art trip with my " Artsie Fartsie Friends" in even longer! An art trip to Santa Fe, or San Miguel sounds like a much needed trip, & my girls would love an all expense paid art trip.

Decisions, decisions!

My family, & friends tell me I'm generous – to a fault! Is that really true? I do put family, & friends first….many times! This time I'm going to give it away! No I'll keep it! No I really don't NEED it as much as others!

Decisions, decisions!

Ok, I think I've got it. I'm going to donate $5,000. to One of my charities, & keep the rest. The remaining $ 5,000 is going to go for a trip to someplace new I have never been to.

Decisions, decisions!

With that decided, the big question is, do I take my husband, or do I make it an art trip with my girls? Since my husband has concerts frequently, & rehearsals all the time, I think he gets to stay home with the animals. And since I haven't had an art trip in a really long time, I'm going to grab the Fabulous Five of us and go on a trip. An art trip to be decided by all five of my Artsie Fartsie Fabulous Girlfriends!

I think that will work out just fine. What supplies should I take? Do I need an easel, & canvases? How many should I take? This is exhausting just thinking about it!

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