My Learning Style….


Oh, I've done my share of learning from a book. As a retired nurse, school was intense, study secessions laborious, & tests sometimes hair pulling adventures!

I remember my first class was algebra, or was it trig? Snap! Then there was comparative anatomy, this was oh so much fun! Seeing things in a book, & then testing with the real thing was at best…a pain in the neck!

Studying was fun. We had a big house then, so everyone I studied with came to our house. They all brought the picketed cats to study from. When my husband walked in to whiteness our large island in the kitchen covered with dead cats, I thought we would all get some productive "on the job training!"

Before deciding to start a new career, I worked for many years as a Cost Accountant. You can imagine how tedious learning from the multitude of books that must have been! Sometimes I loved the problem solving, sometimes I hated being so confined behind a desk, a computer, & everyone else's money problems!

There were a couple of other professions prior to bean counting, but who has time to dig up all that past stuff up?

This brings me to present time……

For the last fifteen years I have been painting. Oh, I was born an artist, but life gets in the way doesn't it?

Around the late 90's, I started taking watercolor classes. This felt oddly liberating, even with the restraints of Watercolors. I can't say I mastered this, but over the years some nice work poured out of me! At least I was happy with it! I really don't think you master painting because we are all growing, & changing. I do thing tithe journey is in the process, the end result is the product of that journey.

More recently, I grew tired of the precision of Watercolors (after I am a recovering perfectionist), & I've been painting with acrylics, & abstraction. It has become apparent that I love learning by watching, listening, & then doing!

I'm a hands on kind of girl! I love literally getting my hands into my work! When I'm finished for the day, I look like a 3 year old after fingerprinting at preschool!

I learn by doing, & I learn by seeing. I'm happiest when I have a paint brush in my hand!

This is my learning style, & I'm sticking to it!

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