My Apologies..For My Learning Style Post


This morning I posted an article titled, “My Learning Style.” As I read through it, editing it all the way, making changes to the typos, it looked perfect! Big laugh…..

Automatically a copy is sent to my mailbox, and usually read, just to get another perspective on what I’ve written.

But this morning..…I gasped when I read my post! I’m still a little in shock as my posts usually don’t include so many misspelled words. I swear….all my words were just as they should have been when I edited, and posted! Every word!

I was lazy, and posted from my iPad! These kinds of posts are usually typed on the iPad, and it is uber amounts of fun to realize how the auto correct changes things up. One might say, “it keeps you on your toes!”

You have my profound apologies for a badly edited post, and promises to be so much more careful in the future! If this post is not perfect, I might just hang up my iPad!


I give up!

A Penny for Your Thoughts...

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