Your ideal home


My ideal home is the one I live in now! I would make a few minor adjustments, & here's what I'd do!

I'd feed it more vitamins so it would grow bigger, & stronger. Not a lot, just a little. It would grow another bathroom, a 2 car garage, & a huge art studio! The bathroom would be large, & roomy with 2 sinks, a big shower, & lots of storage, & drawers.

The garage would be large enough for both cars, plus storage for all our "stuff!"

The studio, yes the studio! It would be to die for, with long tables, storage, a huge place for canvases, & easels. The windows would be big, giving me lots of natural light to paint by. The stereo system would be a musicians dream, giving me beautiful music to inspire my soul.

I would even share part of it with my hubby, so he could have a dedicated music room, & play & practice any time he wanted.

And then…I will need someone to clean each, & every day so our home is spotless, & I can paint all day!

Boy am I dreaming!

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