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New Beginnings


Todays post is a repost from a friend who owne’s Big Sky Lavender Farms with her husband, and brother-in-law in Montana.
When I read her news letter, it impressed me so much, I had to repost it. I hope it moves you the same way it moved me.

Each week I begin again. I sit down to write this newsletter with an idea or thought I’d like to share and where I end up is usually not where I think I’m going. (Basically, life:)
This week I’m writing about new beginnings. Partly because of what’s been happening in our world lately, but also because I believe we start everyday with a clean slate. A chance to begin again.
I didn’t know 2 years ago when my brother-in-law invited my husband to grow lavender as a business, I would end up moving back to Montana. This place I called home until I was 21, but hadn’t lived in for 30 years. 
I didn’t know after selling a business we owned for 27 years, I would take what I learned from having a traditional store front business and use it to create an online business, something we had never done before.
I’ve learned about the application process to get into farmer’s markets, craft shows and festivals to sell our products. Again, something totally new for me.
Everyone involved in starting the lavender farm is in their early to mid fifties. We all made a choice to begin again, starting a business none of us had ever done before.
(I will say, becoming a lavender farmer in your fifties is probably not the easiest career choice you can make, but there you go. Live & learn:)
Farming is hard work, but when you’re invested in the health and well-being of 2500 baby lavender plants, you learn quickly.
For instance, weeds love to grow under the weed mat you put down to prevent weeds. It turns out it’s a great place for them to get away from the sun. Who knew?

Anyway, the long way back to my thought for the week:
If you don’t have a job to go back to, start thinking about new possibilities. That’s my favorite thing! Possibilities open the world up wide for you and show you things you never knew existed.
And don’t you dare tell me you’re too old or too (fill in the blank). I don’t believe it!
If you’re like me, you don’t give yourself enough credit for everything you know and have learned in your lifetime. Write down what life has taught you along with your work experience. It all has value.
Be creative with how you might use it at a new job. Or create your own business! There is so much opportunity in you.
And opportunities come from realizing possibilities that were there all along. We just don’t notice until we need them.

I took a lavender picture  last week. The babies are 2 years old and it’s hard to believe in 6 weeks or so they’ll be in full bloom and bigger than the plants on the right.
They already know their full potential, they just haven’t reached it yet. But everyday, they grow and expand into their full, beautiful selves.
Everyday you have the potential to grow into your full, beautiful self. The self that lives life everyday, to the best of your ability, virus or not.
Everyday, look for the new possibilities and opportunities that already exist inside you. Even if you don’t know what you want, you’ll figure it out. I can see it happening already.
Well, my words wandered in ways I could never foresee. But never mind. They end exactly as they’re meant to.
 And I’m just as surprised as anyone else.

We met a customer this past weekend who told us how much our Magnesium Cream has helped her daughter’s growing pains.
She rubs it on her daughter’s legs before she goes to bed and the magnesium helps relieve all her aches and pains. The lavender in the cream also helps her get a better night’s sleep.
If you have sore muscles or leg cramps, feel anxious, have trouble sleeping, or all of the above, our Magnesium Cream is the key to you feeling better.
Rub it on your arms or legs before you go to sleep and the magnesium does it’s job while your body rests.

Big Sky Lavender Farms is located in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley, just south of Missoula, Montana. We make all natural, healthy products to help you live your best life today. 
Share the love and share the lavender. 

The Invisible Fence


‘The memory is a living thing – it too is in transit. But during the moment, all that is remembered joins and lives – the old and the young, the past…

The Invisible Fence

Lisa it’s been so long since I have red one of your amazing stories. I’ve missed them. I posted for the first time in over two years this last Monday. If you get a chance to read it you’ll understand. Many blessings to you. Karen

Peace and Love

Magic Trees

I have been thinking about how I could write a post about the healing that is so desperately needed in our world today. After sitting quietly and meditating, it came to me much more simply than I had imagined.

Josef Siegle is a mentor, and I consider him a friend. I respect him immensely, have taken many of his classes, and always come away better than I started.

Face Book is a go to for me because I can check on my friends and family easily. Sometimes I get information my daughter hasn’t thought to tell me. Or a friend mentions they aren’t feeling well, so I can call them to check on them. It has it’s place! In the process of all this, I have noticed the nasty, hateful comments people post, and I can’t help thinking how much better off our world if we toned it down. When I say toned it down, what I really mean is this…

We all come from different places, we have different colors of skin, different thoughts, ideas, political preferences, and ways we’ve been raised. We come from different places, and different religious beliefs. Because of these differences it is sometimes difficult to understand someone else’s perspective, or point of view. Why do some people talk differently, or louder, or their English seems a little scrambled? Why do some of us wear clothes that show how conservative they are, while some clothes seem louder, or gaudier, blinger, or more colorful? How can we understand one another’s point of view if they are a different religion, or come from an entirely different part of the world?

One thing I’ve learned from traveling, and reading is that people/parents all want the same thing for their families, and children. Most people are peaceful, and loving. We are all working, and struggling to pay for our homes, cars, credit card bills, and anything else that is a necessity at the time.

So what’s the answer?

Well I haven’t answers for the immediate problems, however I will tell you that what came to me during a meditation is this…

If we toned it down, stopped posting, or talking so hateful about the other person, and made an effort to hear their point of view regardless of how different they are than us, shouldn’t that be a starting point to bringing peace and healing to our planet. I don’t think it’s as important to change our views as it is to listen. People want to be recognized, heard and this isn’t happening at the moment.

We are spending so much time pointing out the differences each of us has, and not even giving thought to the similarities we share.

Everyone that knows me knows that I am a liberal. In my eyes, I’m viewed as a left wing democrat that wants to spend money that our country doesn’t have, helping people that don’t deserve it. My view is that the other side, the Republicans don’t want to help the sick, poor, or anyone else they consider doesn’t work for it. Are these perceptions true? Does it matter if they are true or not? Certainly they can’t all be true, but if we just sat down and took time to learn why the other has the ideas, and ideals they have, we would have a much better understanding of one another. I would respect someone for sanely discussing our differences. I’m not trying to change yours, I want to understand your point of view!

The same goes for our racial differences, religious differences and any other difference we have with each other. How can we be so different and so much alike at the same time. We are all created the same, our differences make us interesting, and I for one want to know more.

I’ve never been into religion, more into culture, and languages. I love hearing the music of different cultures, or the way others talk. The cadence in the way others speak, I love it, and I love the way people from another culture dresses, the fabric the use, the way others design, it’s all inspiring to me.

I have posted, along with my words, the meditation for healing the world, bring peace to each of us and those around us. The meditation is 33 minutes long, so I’d suggest you listen to it when your household quiets down. I found it soothing, and it made me feel better about life, and the craziness we are experiencing when I was finished. I hope you feel the same.

Thank you for stopping by and reading Stone Soup. Please listen to the meditation, I know you’ll find it relaxing, and it fills you with love!

Good Morning Everyone


Since it’s been a very long time since I’ve blogged, I thought It would be a good time for an update.

Much has been happening since I’ve last posted.  I’ve fallen in and out of love with art…several times. I still love art, but so much has gone on, and my studio looks like a storage unit, I’ve lost inspiration.  I know, me loosing inspiration!   YES..ME.

Generally during the last three months of the year my art takes a seat on the sidelines.  I’m usually focusing on the holidays, and what to buy for each of my kids, and grandkids.  It takes a lot of thought, and planning, sometimes even going in on a larger gift for one or the other grandchild.  It is so much easier when the grandkids are smaller.  It was easier when my own kids were smaller.  As many of you know all too well, the older they get, the more broke we get!  I’m not complaining, just stating a fact.

After the holidays it takes me a few months to recuperate, and get back to normal.  (I’m using the term Normal very lightly). Art slowly works it’s way into my life again, and I’m up and running.  2019 that didn’t happen.  Just about the first of March, my oldest son got sick.  We thought he had the flu, so I got him 7up, and soup, and foods that you usually can get down when fighting the flu.  After three or four days I went over to his home, and found him very sick, very weak, and not getting any better.  My husband and I threw him in the car and I took him to emergency.

After they looked at him, he was admitted to Intensive Care, and that’s where a very nasty journey started.  He had what’s commonly known as flesh eating bacteria.  He spent two months in the hospital fighting for his life,  and a year later he is still rehabilitating.  Needless to say, my art took as back seat.  Ok with me,  my son lived when the doctors said it would be a miracle..

Miracles do happen!

To regress only a few years.   Since I was about four years old I’ve seen spirits.  The funny thing is, I was never frightened, nor did I think it was unusual.   I actually thought everyone saw spirits or ghosts as I called them at the time.  I’m a strong empath, again I thought everyone was the same.  But I would get extremely annoyed when people would act clueless, or had no idea what I was thinking, or talking about. Now I realize, we don’t all have the same skills, nor do we all want them.

Over the years my experiences have been numerous, and again I thought everyone had the same kind of experiences.  Boy was I wrong.  My poor husbands!  Yes husbands!  I’m now married to my third husband, and bless his heart, he’s so understanding and loving. He has never thought anything about my interesting life.  We fell in love, and ten months later…we married.  He bought me a new home shortly before we married, and twenty nine years later here we are, still married, and still happy!

Over the last year and a half I’ve been focusing on my gift, and working at sharpening my mediumship skills.  If you can’t beat it, join it!  Since I haven’t been inspired to paint, I am inspired to speak with spirits.  I am finding it so rewarding bringing messages to people that are depressed or in pain due to their loss.  Messages from spirits can ease that pain, and allow them to process their grief.

For many years I’ve looked for someone to mentor me, and help me understand what I now call a gift.  More recently I was invited to have lunch with a friend. She was meeting a few of her friends, and she thought I might enjoy having lunch with them. It was in that bunch of her friends that I met a “real live medium.”    I have looked for someone like her for many years, and never was able to find someone to mentor me.  Here she was sitting right in front of me.  Best yet, she was so personable, and I immediately loved her. We hit it off, and she agreed to see me later that week.  This was the beginning of a relationship that is strong, and loving to this day.

Since then, I have found a couple other mentors, and I work with all three for different parts of mediumship.  They each give their gift with love and compassion, and I have grown as a medium, and am still learning.

My purpose in telling my story is in part to explain why I haven’t been painting, and in part letting you know I will never stop doing art in some way.  Now I’m going to focus on publishing uplifting affirmations along with a little art.

My focus in this difficult time is to always be a beacon of light to anyone needing uplifting.  We are all feeling caged in during the lock down of 2020.  Our world most likely won’t be the same, and all of us will need to do a little reinventing.  Some are more depressed than others, some don’t feel so caged.  I’m doin fine, but the rest of my family feel very disconnected with life.  We still need to wear masks, and social distance, we still need to stay at home.  Things are opening up, good or bad, this is reality!

I don’t know if I’ll change the name of my blog,  I have considered it.  To what, I haven’t any idea at the moment, but I do know,  I need to do this for me, and for others.

It will be interesting to see what Stone Soup morph’s into, and I really hope you’ll stick with me.  This is my story, thank you so much for allowing me into your home, and taking time to read my blog, bless you all!   Karen

More Cookies….



Last Sunday, my grandson Nolan and I planned to bake and decorate cookies.  I had purchased one of those rolling pins that imprint something into the dough before baking and they always look so perfect.   Right….I tried!

IMG_2992We made a real mess, but everyone got involved, Mom, Dad, Nolan and Myself.


After an afternoon of decorating, and licking the frosting off our fingers (OH what fun), we finally decided to donate the entire two batches of decorated cookies to Nolan’s class.  Let the school kids get a sugar high, and not on my watch either!

All four of us had a great time, with the fire going and the tree decorated, it was a perfect Norman Rockwell afternoon!

Thank you for stopping to check in on us.  Happy Holidays, see you soon.


The Divas Celebrate Christmas



Maxine Custer in front, and along the back from left to right….Myself, Karin deBaay, Susan Kopp, and LaRetta Zamora on right.

Last Saturday the Divas celebrated our yearly Christmas Party. Since we don’t have a project, nor do we critique each others work. We do however have a gift exchange.

I always look forward to this because we each work in different ways, and it’s fun to receive a piece of work from someone else.  We probably all feel this way.  At one time we would create a piece for everyone, and that took so much time and energy at a time when we didn’t have a lot of energy and time.

Since we don’t do a project, I decided to pick up a box kit for “Decorating Ugly Sweater Cookies”  from Trader Joe’s.  It took a little time to get everyone interested, but we had fun decorating  cookies.  Quick and easy, I just couldn’t decorate another gingerbread house.

Karen deBaay created the best, most clean cookie, so she wins the prize. The prize being bragging rights.

Doesn’t it seem silly to decorate Ugly Sweater Cookies?  It is silly, we get silly, and for that matter we all believe now’s the time to get as silly as we want.  We aren’t mean or nasty, not even bad in any way.  We don’t have to worry about the elves seeing us do something wrong, we are perfect angles, all five of us!

The rest of us just laughed while decorating, and the cookies turned out exactly how they were suppose to…..Ugly Sweater Cookies!


Since the holidays are so busy for most of us, I’m really, really, really bad at time management, and I have not been posting.  I love writing, but sometimes I’m just not feeling it.  So I don’t…

Thank you for stopping to read Stone Soup,  the Happiest of Holidays to everyone,  see you soon…