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Fabulous Friday

First Tomatoes

First Tomatoes

Can you look at this…….

Not too long ago Les and I filled a water trough for horses, and filled it with organic soil.  Costco had certified organic plants, and venturing out we purchased three plants.   We really are beginners.

Proudly we returned home with One Cherry tomato, one green pepper, and one cilantro plant.  They were planted in the large container that was to be their new home.  I had no idea how much or how little to water them, and figured once a week was a good choice.  Bad choice!  It soon became clear that once a week was not enough.  The rain brought me to my senses, and quickly realized they needed a great deal more water than they were getting.  Ever since, I’ve been hand watering them every other day.  When it gets hot and sunny, I’m sure they will need water every day.

Bell Peppers

Bell Peppers


The other day I looked at the full, bushy plants and found three small bell peppers, and a handful of beautiful red cherry tomatoes.  My husband, Les and I decided that we  now considered ourselves “farmers,” even if it was on a very small-scale!  To actually get something to grow is a very big deal for us.


I seem to get succulents to grow well, but tomatoes, and peppers are a whole different game.

On the other hand, the cilantro plant is hanging on, trying to keep it together.  I have tried cilantro many times over decades, and for some reason, I can’t seem  to keep them alive.