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Flippin’ Friday!



On the subject of “Balance!”

How on earth do these weeks fly by so fast?   Already it’s friday once again, and it seems like all I get done is running around doing grocery shopping, pay bills, and stuff like that.  I haven’t gone to the gym…….. in like forever!  I have trouble finding time to sketch and draw, not to mention paint.   By the time I get the stuff done from the house, I’m two tired to paint.  Week after week, it’s seems to be the same old thing!

Sometimes I think that doing for myself first is the only way to go!

Make everyone wait until the afternoon.  After lunch all the stuff that needs to be done, can get done then.   This usually works for me for about two days, then I seem to fall into the same old pattern.


How do others manage their time?

As I was watching Castle on TV the other night, one of the detectives said to the other detective, “Life is a balance!”   I thought about that, and realized how much truth there was in that one statement.  Life is a balance of everything important to ourselves, our families, and our business.  Some things come first today, but tomorrow it might be something else.  I am an adventure seeker, so I like my personal life to be simple.  This enables me to jump in to the fun stuff when, and if it ever arrises.

It does arise, just not as often as I’d like!

Things like meeting a friend for coffee in the morning, or a glass of wine at the Art Beat Gallery in the afternoon on Wednesday.  Or taking a day  trip to Orange County, or L.A. out of the blue (for educational purposes of course!) I’m retired, I’ve been retired for many years….way before retirement age.

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Does anyone know what retirement means?

Both of us are retired!   What exactly does this really mean?  I’m going to tell you.  When my husband retired twelve years ago, I thought that I’d better get busy finding something I love to do…..away from home!  Of course I’d been working with  watercolors since I’d retired, but I had to kick it up a few notches, take more lessons, or we weren’t going to survive in this Tiny Mansion.  After about four months or so, my husband decided to join a band.  I don’t remember what night he was gone, but I do remember how relieved I was.  That meant that I could give myself a facial, or a pedicure.  I could eat something I wanted for dinner, and so it went.

On my husbands day or sometimes days off,  he wants to do things with me, and I love that.  But, after a while grocery shopping is not a treat any longer, and I need to do things for Me!

If anyone out there thinks it won’t happen to them, think again.  No matter how much you love your husband, and kids, you somehow lose your own identity.    That can’t happen!  The repercussions from that can be devastating, and we all might just as well stop  that right now!  Remember if you don’t replenish your own self, there won’t be enough for others.


The enough means...energy, creativity, loyalty, happy, positive  attitude, and it goes on and on.  A family requires a lot of energy, and is not for the faint of heart.

You don’t have to give up anything, just learn to add balance for the sake of yourself, and your family.  A crazy person can’t help anyone!