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Thunder and Lightning



Last Wednesday morning I was awakened early in the morning by thunder way off in the distance. I could see a slight flash through my bedroom window, so I tried  counting the seconds to find out about how far away it was. Sometimes it would be thirty or so seconds, and I could hardly hear it.
As the early hours of the morning passed, maybe around 4:30 am, it started getting louder and louder.
Until BAM!
The lightning and thunder were very close and very exciting. You probably already guessed I love thunder storms. Being from Michigan, I learned as a child to adore the energy, and excitement they bring.
Anyone who is from the midwest would tell you that the storms here in California aren’t even close to the ones they have there, but it’s all we have, and we have to go with it.
Around 6 am, I grabbed my phone, hung my sleepy head out the front door just enough to catch this beautiful sunrise, and smell the beginnings of rain. It was breathtaking, and I regret this picture doesn’t even come close to doing it justice.  A little later in the morning, the storm really got going and we had tons of thunder, and lots of much-needed rain.  I love the clean fresh smell of a new rain, and my entire day was filled with energy and excitement.