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Poor Dusty!

Sad Dusty

Sad Dusty

Dusty had a little surgery recently.  Nothing too serious, but I’m sure Dusty might have a different opinion about the whole thing.

You see, Dusty was neutered!   Since Dusty belongs to Sage, my granddaughter, it was necessary for him to be sweet, and gentle.  When male rabbits are not neutered they can become aggressive, and nasty.  During mating,  males have been known to bite, and even tear  ears off the female.

Dusty is still sad, so sad that his ear has flopped over.  His people are worried about him, and even took him back to his doctor to make sure he was ok. Dusty is ok, he’s just a little unhappy about the whole traumatic experience.  He never wants to go through that again!

Since it’s so hot where Dusty and Bubbles live, they have a nice cool place in the  house to rest.  Late in the afternoon when it cools down, they both are taken outside to hop around and play  in their large beautiful yard.


Thank you for hip-pity hopping by to see how Dusty is, see you soon!