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Frantic Friday



We are setting up our first vegetable garden in our back yard, and for a small project, we are certainly making a big deal out of it.  Last year I was fortunate enough to find a used watering trough for horses.  The lady was getting rid of her horses, and was selling some of her equipment.  It’s quite big, and quite heavy.  (Not big enough though)  It seems a difficult job to keep my husband on the right track.  I want to put it up on blocks, so it can drain.  He wants to fill it with dirt, and see how much dirt it will take.



I want rocks to go in first, he thinks it’s level as it sits.  Ying and Yang right!


I know it a small thing, but I’m really excited about having a tomato plant, a bell pepper plant, and cilantro.

Years ago my great-grandmother used things like marigolds, onions, & garlic plants to keep bug away from her vegetables.  So in the name of my Great-Grandma, I planted marigolds around the veggies!

Call me crazy!