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Like a Three Year Old!


After years of purchasing just the right art supplies to achieve just the perfect results, I now have a studio stuffed with supplies that I love using!


Who knew all I had to do was use what I was born with?  My fingers and hands, maybe even my feet...who knew?

As I started to watch this video my thought was, “this isn’t going anywhere.”  But, since I had started it, I always think  you never know what might be learned by watching.  It wasn’t very long and the blending of colors seemed interesting.  Then suddenly it started to take shape and I found it even more interesting.  Remembering back several years while taking a Bob Burridge week-long workshop in Sedona, Arizona.  We were finger painting, and suddenly I felt like a three-year old,  totally in the moment.  The class was intense, and fun, and exhausting, but well worth the effort, experience and money!

It didn’t take me long to realize being in the moment was actually where I needed to be.  Especially since I constantly fight to loosen up.  This felt real and fun, and doable!

I loved it!

Running into this artist, Dena,  who was finger painting was a perfect way to distance myself from the tendency to slip  into reality.  I hope you get some inspiration out of it as I have.

Thank you for following me, and commenting on videos  and my work.  I realize I’m not getting things out there like in the past, however I am working at it.  As you all know, there are times when life gets in the way.    Enjoy….



Dripping & Squirting!


I ran into this video, and couldn’t help but use it for a Daily Post!

It has always been a dream of mine to paint like a three-year old, you know…Paint with Wild Abandon!  That is exactly what Aelite Andre is doing.  She must have an artist for a parent, and she must have been watching each time they painted.  Aelite has way too many toys to paint with, and is having way too much fun doing it.  Her parents are very special people!

What is the lesson here?

Could all this creating she is doing be giving her self-confidence.  Certainly it’s giving her the love of creating.  She loves to get her hands into the paint, just like many of us.  Maybe this love goes way back to when we were children…

Finger painting is one of the most fun things I can think of to do while painting.  I’m usually covered in pint when I get finished for the day.  Somewhere, somehow it isn’t a painting if there isn’t paint all over the place.

How about you?  Is finger painting part of the way you paint also? Do you see a little of yourself in Alita, or are you neet and clean when you are finished for the day?  What does this say of out personalities?