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We Are Now Simply, Daisy’s Mom & Dad!

We Are Now Simply, Daisy’s Mom & Dad!

Previously, I blogged about the beautiful Dichondra lawn we had years ago living in our first home. My husband spent hours trimming, fertilizing, planting, pruning and, anything else the yard required. People would stop me in the grocery store and ask if I was the lady that lived in the “Yellow house on the corner with the beautiful lawn?” I was known some fifty years ago as the “Lady with the fabulous lawn!” Oh goodie, at a time when I’m looking for my own identity, I’m the lady with the lawn!

The other day my husband Les, and I were shopping in Trader Joe’s when a familiar looking lady stopped to ask us, “Aren’t you the parents of Daisy?” “Why yes,” we replied with curious expressions on our faces. “Sheryl” introduced herself as Charlie’s Mom! Charlie is a large Airedale Terrier we often see on our morning walks. Our dogs always greet each other, and act like they would love to just this once, romp and play together.

We rescued Daisy about four months ago from The Barking Lot Rescue in El Cajon. Our list of must haves were lengthy, and they were very patient with us. We had seen a picture of her online, and had previously looked at many other dogs that were either too big, not gentle enough, or didn’t like kids or cats, so we decided to check out just one more dog. Our list included being dog friendly, kid friendly, crate friendly, people friendly, cat friendly, not aggressive, and our list continued. They had many dogs up for adoption, but none were able to check all the boxes, and I was determined not to settle on this!

As we were introduced to our soon to be dog, she was a little ambivalent about us, and we realized how she had not only been abused, but shifted from a shelter to foster home just to get to this point in her life

“Daisy’s friend Charlie”

. We took her on a walk, and she walked perfectly next to my side – good sign! We double checked to make sure she had all the attributes we insisted on, and the girls assured us she was “NOT AGGRESSIVE!” Since she was a Staffordshire Terrier/Pit mix, it was really important she be a good role model, and easy for me to work with! It turns out she is gentile, smart, fun, has a cute personality, and a loving companion. We go to obedience classes every Tuesday, and we have had her camping with us over this summer. Daisy camped like a pro, and I’m pleased to tell you she continues to learn her commands!
So here we are in Trader Joe’s being asked if we were the parents of Daisy. We have officially lost our own identity! Les no longer is known for being PaPa to our Grandchildren, or his Fabulous Trumpet playing, and I’m no longer known as Karen the artist, or Grandma, Peek-A-Boo, or Nama! We are now simply Daisy’s Mom, and Dad!