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Believe It Or Not!



This week I have been in my studio  creating  different pieces of art.  My artwork runs from abstract to greeting cards, and just about everything in between.  The fact is, as usual I haven’t any idea where this painting will take me, and if I did know I probably wouldn’t say so because I rarely have a painting that goes in the direction I thought it would.  I just keep working on it & if I’m finished I guess I’ll know.  This painting is as usual, an experiment!  It is way too dark, and surely will undergo many changes before I’m finished.


Todays  you will be watching a video  on color, and how we actually perceive it.   I thought it was interesting, it’s short, and sometimes something like this triggers a thought, or an idea we didn’t expect.    I hope you will enjoy it, and maybe it can inspire you to think, or create differently.