What do You do With Lemons?


Well….You make Lemonade!

Life has a way of throwing us curves….and we have to deal with them one way or another.

I was talking with a friend the other day, and she was telling me how invasive and horrible her next door neighbors were. I’ve heard this story before, my son has a similar problem. I wonder exactly what and why can’t people be nice to each other. We live in a small community for seniors, and I would think we could be a little more considerate of the people around us.

Unfortunately people have problems, especially seniors. Some of them are elderly (not me), and have serious problems. They are unable to cook any longer, unable to clean their homes, or do yard work. It’s difficult when some people close off everyone because they don’t want anyone to see just how incapacitated they have become. They seem to get nasty, and defensive. I can understand how this can happen. But what do we do with that, and how can we help?

In the case of my friend, there are three families living in a home that is less than a thousand square feet. This is a great space for a single person, or an elderly couple. These people have multiple cars, parties, dogs and several other things. Since the landlord doesn’t want to lose the money, and the board of directors don’t seem to do anything (or can’t really do anything) about the situation, what do we do?

When we are backed into a corner, how do we make lemonade out of all the lemons living around us?

I don’t have a real helpful solution, however when there is nothing else to do, think outside the box. Sometimes when talking, or reasoning doesn’t seem to help, you come home and your neighbors are parked in your driveway, it’s time to have a glass of wine, and let it go!!! Find something you love to take your mind off of the nasty demands living next door!

Do you need to find a way to justify their behavior, telling yourself they are doing the best they can with what they have to work with. If that doesn’t work?

OK then, how about this…

Wrap them in white light, and pray they move soon!

Set up a Shrine with VOODOO Dolls and stick pins in them.

Walk on the beach, stick your toes into the water even if it’s cold! The ocean, lake, or stream can be a fantastic way to help wash away stress.

As you noticed it’s difficult to come up with a solution when no one will help. There are many people in our community that shouldn’t be here, and without any support to fix things, we need to go inside and deal with our own self before it eats us alive. When I dislike someone which isn’t often, I have to find a way to let things go or it will eat at me. That’s not very productive!

Personally I meditate, but I understand it isn’t for everyone. The meditation calms me, and I seem to let things roll off my back much easier.

Fortunately we don’t have problem neighbors next door, so I’m nice and calm….

If you have a solution, write, or text me leaving you thoughts, and ideas. Thank you for stopping by to read Karen’s Stone Soup, see you next time.

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