The Divas Celebrate Christmas



Maxine Custer in front, and along the back from left to right….Myself, Karin deBaay, Susan Kopp, and LaRetta Zamora on right.

Last Saturday the Divas celebrated our yearly Christmas Party. Since we don’t have a project, nor do we critique each others work. We do however have a gift exchange.

I always look forward to this because we each work in different ways, and it’s fun to receive a piece of work from someone else.  We probably all feel this way.  At one time we would create a piece for everyone, and that took so much time and energy at a time when we didn’t have a lot of energy and time.

Since we don’t do a project, I decided to pick up a box kit for “Decorating Ugly Sweater Cookies”  from Trader Joe’s.  It took a little time to get everyone interested, but we had fun decorating  cookies.  Quick and easy, I just couldn’t decorate another gingerbread house.

Karen deBaay created the best, most clean cookie, so she wins the prize. The prize being bragging rights.

Doesn’t it seem silly to decorate Ugly Sweater Cookies?  It is silly, we get silly, and for that matter we all believe now’s the time to get as silly as we want.  We aren’t mean or nasty, not even bad in any way.  We don’t have to worry about the elves seeing us do something wrong, we are perfect angles, all five of us!

The rest of us just laughed while decorating, and the cookies turned out exactly how they were suppose to…..Ugly Sweater Cookies!


Since the holidays are so busy for most of us, I’m really, really, really bad at time management, and I have not been posting.  I love writing, but sometimes I’m just not feeling it.  So I don’t…

Thank you for stopping to read Stone Soup,  the Happiest of Holidays to everyone,  see you soon…


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