Oil and Cold Wax



As I was snooping around YouTube for inspiration,  I’ve come up with this video.   Since I’ve been working in oils lately,  the video grabbed me, and I thought I’d share.   Now, I know the thought of adding one more thing to the mix is inconceivable, but from my standpoint I have to try using wax. I’ve purchased the wax about two years ago, and haven’t been brave enough to try it.

This will kick me into gear, how about you? ………

An hour later…….

After watching the video, I went streight to my studio and pulled out the wax, and a few oil colors.  I have to say,  it was fun just using a pallet knife and a credit card to smooch it around.   The one thing I learned new is that i kind of love smooching!   And…I could use more practice!

I have a friend who uses wax with oils, and smooches all the time.   She loves it too!

So I encourage you to try something new, get a few colors together, maybe even a couple of friends, and have a smooching afternoon..

Thank you for stopping by to read Stone Soup.  See you next time…….

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