Time Out For Art


There are many kinds of art, not all require paint, or a pen and ink.  Think about it, there is an art to almost everything we do in life.  Gardening, and the love for it,  is in itself an art.  Music is an art, and kinds of music are all individual arts.  So, the fact that this group has come to put comedy and music together is an entirely different kind of art.

These musicians are in a class by themselves! Many couldn’t put all this together  in the name of comedy.  There are many such videos on YouTube to look at, and I hope you enjoy this particular kind of classical art.

Why don’t we create paintings with music in them?  Or literature with a melody?  Those who read incessantly, or paint with passion will tell you that most literature, and even paintings have a melody in them.  It only takes our mind to open up our eyes, and see what is in front of us, and often what others see.

Today has been inspired by Zebra Designs & Destinations.  They are located in Equator where the recent devistating earthquakes have taken place. I wish them all well as they recover.  My blessings to them all.

A Penny for Your Thoughts...

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