Several years ago I decided to take a Body Writing Class with Pamela Underwood.  I had wanted to take this class for several years, and because of my overly abundant body, I never had the nerve.  Finally, the thought hit me…(get over yourself..nobody cares),  if I didn’t take it soon, something else will happen and I’d never get to take it.


Before I could think about it too much, I signed up and paid my deposit.  Yahoo I did it!


The workshop was a four-day event at Pamela’s home in Poway.  It took me forever to get there, but once I did,  it was spectacular.  Private with no one around,  the few women in the class were exceptionally nice, and I never felt uncomfortable the entire four days.


My body print turned out to be strange, but on top of my body stamp, I painted the head of a crow….  What does this mean?  Why did I pick the colors I did?  The size, the configuration?  The class was supposed to give us direction, purpose, a clearer sense of who we are as people, as artists.  I have never been sorry I participated,  I met wonderful women, and most of them were vegetarians, so that suit me just fine.  I didn’t have to eat any of my friends to keep my strength up.  During this four days, in September, in Poway, was hotter than hot!  The inspiration was flowing, and as long as we stayed inside it was fine, but the minute you went outside…you’d  better be going out to jump in the pool or spa.

This project was a lot of work, and when it’s tacked to the wall, it takes up a great deal of the wall space…top to bottom.   I’ve been thinking of dragging it out of its hidie hole, tack it up in my studio, and work on it.


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