Happy Birthday Connor



Connor's 11th Birthday celebration

Connor’s 11th Birthday celebration

Yep You got it!

Sunday evening we celebrated Connor’s (my grandson) birthday by going to Jake’s in Del Mar. Clearly this is something that is only done maybe every ten years or so.

And this is why…..

Don’t you think having Hula Pie for dinner would be fun?  Like I said, only every ten years, or maybe twenty.

Hula Pie

Hula Pie

Still, we all decided since Connor is growing out of the little kid birthday party stage, and clearly going into the tween stage, it was time to do something different.  Isn’t that what life is all about?  Doing off the wall things, having fun, and doing something so different that others would gasp!

Connor was eleven years old on Monday, August 3, and while we all sat around  talking about how time flies, and what a cute baby he was, Connor is growing up.  He is tall like his dad, cute as a button even now with those dimples and freckles over his nose, very determined,  smart, and has a sense of humor that is matched by only his dad.  It has been our great pleasure to see the transformation from  an infant to the steadfast young man he has become.  It’s only going to get better.


Les and I are so proud of him that,  at times I could burst!

When his mom asked him, “How come you give Grandma a hug, and a kiss, and you won’t give me a hug, and a kiss?”

His reply was, “Grandma won’t leave me alone until I do!”  

See, I told her she was being to easy on him.   Believe me I’m not going to give parenting advise to any of my kids.  I barely made it through the raising of my own, let alone give suggestions to others.

This I have learned for sure…….

What was once true, is no longer applicable, and  what was one generations perfect family, now would be todays dysfunctional family.  Times change, ideas change, parenting changes.   I am astonished at the way my children raise their children.  I’m sure they don’t feel confident, but to me they are genius at how they handle situations, and problems.  They are all such great parents, and  make me feel so inept.

Connor is one of those kids….

That helps others.  He stands up against bullying, and helps teach kids that aren’t able to understand math or science in a way they can understand.  He has saved two or three lives by doing the Heimlich.  Once to his sister while they were in the backseat, on the freeway while his dad was driving. This is a boy who at the age of three cracked the password of his mom’s computer.  We knew then he would be a challenge to raise.  Keeping one step ahead of him would be exhausting.  Aren’t these kind of things, the things that keep you young? and help you grow old before your time as well!

Filled up!

Filled up!

We can’t wait to see what wonderful things he will do in his life.

But for now, it’s on to Middle School, and a whole different experience for Connor.

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