As The Zoo Grows


Since I’ve told you all about Sage’s geckos, I feel like it’s only fair to tell all about Connor’s little creatures.

Lea the Bearded Dragon

Lea the Bearded Dragon

Connor has a Bearded Dragon named Lea, who is very quiet, grows like she is being fed all the time, and is very fun to have.

I got to know Lea last year during the holidays when she was out of her cage, and we sat together in silent thought.  By that I mean, neither of us spoke, we each just observed!

Lea  started out being about six inches or so long, and maybe a couple of inches wide.  Today, she is about thirteen inches long, and maybe six or seven inches wide.  Connor hasn’t had Lea for very long, maybe two years at most, but Lea has grown as if she sat in front of an all day buffet……all day!  Crickets are her meal of choice, and while she is very interesting to look at, and touch, she is very calm.  She doesn’t make abrupt moves, but she can move it out if she wants too.

Her terrariam is long, wide, and she has plenty of room to explore, logs to climb on, and places to hide.

Her habits are simple as well as her needs, and she is a perfect  starter pet.  Reptiles can be a huge learning experience.

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