Thursday Time Out For Art

Molly Moo the Free Cow

Molly Moo the Free Cow

Next Up

Next Up

After finishing Molly Moo last week, I’m going to start another abstract painting.




Even though Molly was more realistic, the next painting I’m planning with any luck at all will be more abstract!   I just can’t seem to help myself..

The next canvas is long and narrow, so I’m thinking it will help me create a little more extreme art.   We’ll see! It’s also got at least four paintings underneath, maybe that’s the key!

First the sides,  I hate doing the sides.  I always start shaking and can never get them straight, so they go first.

Inspiration comes from everywhere.  I’d like to suggest checking out a couple of sites that might help with creative energy and inspiration,  Zebra Designs & Destinations, and On the Easel.


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  1. that’s funny that you don’t like doing the sides! hope you get over that hurdle and are soon enjoying the challenge of the rest.

    i’ve been at el matal with little time online or w/pencil or paints… heading to a meeting now. paint a few strokes for me, por favor!


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