The Journey Continues…


Royal Dutch Airline

8100+ milestone Amsterdam!
Again the stewardess is making her way around the plane! This time to serve dinner. It’s 3:30 pacific time, and even though I’m not hungry, it’s soon to be bedtime, and in 7:45 minutes we will arrive in Amsterdam! This food is better than most airplane food, but if it were to be terrible, few would send it back for fear of starvation!
I need to sleep, or yesterday will be a rough day!
Ground speed. 625mph
Distance. 4740 mi
Altitude. 10683
Outside air temp. 48F. I’m glad I’m not actually flying, it’s too cold out there!

Distance 7180. We’re hitting a little turbulence at the moment. Some would say more than a little. Some would even say, “we’re hitting air pockets!” Well…yes, we are in the air, so technically it’s one big pocket!

A few minutes ago we were flying over Wyoming! I’ve not been to Wyoming, at least not since I was really little. Now we’re over South Carolina.
Are speed is 631 mph, and wasting no time. We should arrive at 8:32 am Amsterdam time….yesterday!
I’ve been trying to sleep for a while, after 1/2 an ambian, and a Coniac, I’m not sleeping, maybe cursing is a better way to put it. I feel relaxed & peaceful while my eyes are closed, listening to Chris Bode on iTunes.

There is less than five hours until we land in Amsterdam, and  the plane is  at an altitude of 35052.   Imagine everyone finishing  ice-cream at 35052 ft in the air,  with everyone buzzing from their sugar high!  It’s a good thing I didn’t partake, or I wouldn’t be able to rest and continue on cruise.

Looks like we’re flying over Montreal, and almost half way to our destination.

A couple of laps around the plane to keep my circulation going, and I’m feeling a little better – so far only a numb butt has been a problem!

Outside air temp is currently -61*F. That’s a bit chilly.

Still over Canada, but rapidly approaching the Atlantic Ocean, the cabin is once again settling down……

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