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Molly Moo the Free Cow

Molly Moo the Free Cow

Here we are again, it’s a Fabulous Friday, and another weekend is starting.  I always think the weekend starts on a Friday, that way we get longer weekends…..Not that it really matters once we retire!

I finally finished Molly Moo the Free Cow!

She has taken me long enough, but you can’t rush creativity, right?

There are at least four under-paintings that Molly  is sitting on.  Each time I’d get about half way through them,  I’d lose interest.  The painting wouldn’t speak to me, and I’d be lost.  So it would sit there on my easel for months, leaving me feeling down, and uncreative.  Finally I decided that whatever I’d been working on clearly wasn’t my thing, or I’d be inspired to keep going, even finish it.

I realized that if I loved what I was doing, I’d want to do it all the time!

That’s when I decided to do something fun, freely creative, and funky.  I love funky!  I really love Molly Moo with her tea bag, and free spirit.  I had fun doing her, and am going to start another funky painting, so it’s back to the drawing board…

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    • I was telling someone yesterday that sometimes it takes months or even years to get inspiration to complete a painting. Sometimes it doesn’t speak, & I use it for a start! All things are possible.


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